I’d say any work that is still inspiring artists and writers making mainstream commercial media is still relevant, because it’s still influencing what we see, read, and play. The upcoming game Dreadnought, for example, is inspired by Firefly. I’m fairly certain that the show and game Defiance was, as well. » 4/17/15 1:47pm Yesterday 1:47pm

All I know is that when I look into my dog's eyes I suddenly need to do some serious cuddling. Soft husky ruff is the best for burying your face in. Strangely, I do not feel that way about my husband's dogs nor any other dog. They're cute and all and I like them, but I don't feel the same connection with them. I was… » 4/16/15 2:22pm Thursday 2:22pm

I love how self-aware these two shows can be. On Flash we have Felicity noting that Central City is the "fun one" and we have Eddie echo the audience's disbelief that Iris is pretty much the only person who doesn't know Flash's secret identity. On Arrow, we have Ray voice all the fridge logic of the super secret… » 4/16/15 11:36am Thursday 11:36am

That's not really true. You're still in violation of copyright with fanart, fanfiction, etc. even if you don't profit from it. It's just that the vast majority of companies don't bother going after them unless the free work threatens something they profit on. Marvel could absolutely send you a cease and desist… » 4/15/15 8:31am Wednesday 8:31am

Although they’re required to play the game, you’re not required to buy any more than the ones that come with the game itself. The games are all perfectly playable with only the 2-4 characters that come bundled with it. They’re counting on people’s desire to collect and get their favorite characters to sell more. » 4/09/15 9:57am 4/09/15 9:57am