Fascinating #Gamergate Twitter Breakdown

Andy Baio, a long time Twitter user and my kind of math geek, wrote a Python script to capture 72 hours of tweets using the #gamergate and #notyourshield hashtags. His findings are really interesting. He was providing the raw data for others to play with, but unfortunately Twitter sent him a cease and desist. »10/30/14 11:24am10/30/14 11:24am

A/B Test of Female vs. Male Game Company Harrassment

Some of you may have heard of Kongregate, an online games website owned by GameStop. Earlier this morning, the CEO, one Emily Greer, posted a side by side comparison of messages received by her and by her brother. »10/24/14 1:24pm10/24/14 1:24pm

It's important to know there are a number of different forces acting on the Earth's climate. When the sun emits more energy, the planet receives more energy and warms. When volcanoes erupt, they emit particles into the atmosphere which reflect sunlight, and the planet cools. When there are more greenhouse gases in the… »3/28/14 4:55pm3/28/14 4:55pm